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Extensive Sports Vision Testing.

Sports constitutes a vital part of so many people’s lives, from a common man to a professional athlete and sportsman. Effective visual skills are important if you want to perform your best in any sports. If your eyes are not as healthy as your body, you may not be able to give your best in the game.

To make sure you have the best vision skills for optimal performance, you need to see an eye care specialist. Even if your eye exam results show that your eyes are healthy, you can still benefit from seeing an optometrist because typical eye exam isn’t as extensive as sports vision testing, the reason being that the later evaluates how you use your vision outdoors and while interacting with other objects and players.

Over the last 34 years, Bernie Lanigan Optometrists have been serving many top-class athletes and sportsmen regarding all sports in Australia helping them not only see better and clearer but also  perform better at their respective sport whether it is golf, soccer, cricket etc. 

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Sports Vision Treatment.

We have collaborated with professional scientists to find out that athletes and sportsman perform exceptionally better when they possess strong depth perception, are aware as to which of their eye is dominant and have a good and clear peripheral and central vision. All of the above-mentioned things have a strong effect on how you coordinate your hand-eye movements and make decisions during a sport.

Every sportsman has a distinct body and requires a distinct treatment that best suits his body. We master the art of providing the sports vision treatment that is best suitable for each particular athlete. Specific tests  are carried out according to your sport and analyzed to detect problem areas. Then we make use of different therapies that help you in getting enhanced vision. 

With over 34 years of professional experience in providing eye care function and health, we are keen to assist you to perform better at sports.


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