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More comfortable, clearer and more convenient than ever.

People wear contact lenses for various reasons. For example, it may provide better vision compared to glasses for some vision conditions. Sports players and people involved in such other activities often prefer contact lenses over spectacles as they find the former to be more comfortable.

Contact lenses have been used for decades now and while the advancement in technology has changed almost everything around us, it is also true for contact lenses: they are now more comfortable, clearer and and more convenient than ever.

Whether you are already using a contact lens or are considering them for the first time, remember that you need professional advice from an optometrist to determine your contact lens prescription. Several different types of contact lenses are available today, and it is the job of the optometrist to advise you on the type of lens best suited for you.

When choosing a contact lens, several factors need to be taken into account:

  • Why do you want to wear them?
  • When do you want to wear them?
  • Do you want to wear them all the time or just on a special occasion?
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At our clinic, we ask our clients all these questions to ensure that we determine the best prescription for you. This is important because even common complications such as infection and inflammation might lead to vision loss or blindness.

We also ensure that we determine the correct fit, size, material, curvature etc as well as best practices for use and care of your lenses for your eyes and lifestyle.

You may be considering a transition from glasses to lenses, or they might be a recent fascination to wear on a special occasion, whatever the reason visit our clinic to book an appointment for the best contact lens prescription.


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