Angle closure glaucoma symptoms are severe eye pain, blurred vision or halos around light.

Glaucoma is a group of complicated eye diseases that cause damage in the optic nerve which is responsible for healthy full vision in the human eye. The damage to the optic nerve is linked to abnormally increased intraocular pressure inside the eye which can cause permanent loss of vision.

There is a hereditary component, so if there is family history, glaucoma should be monitored for annually, especially on those 60+ years old.

The retinal thickness normally decreases with age, glaucoma is a disease where this decrease in retinal thickness occurs faster than what is suspected. There is constant research into the reasons but risk factors include the intraocular pressures, family history, race, physiology and systemic health. 
Symptoms vary differently depending on the type of glaucoma but sometimes there can be no symptoms.

Damage from glaucoma cannot be reversed but it can be prevented and treated by regular check-ups with early detection.

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Monitoring of glaucoma is best done through the use of Tonometry (pressure testing) and Optical coherence tomography (OCT). OCT gives use an objective retinal thickness and compares you to a collection of people of similar age, race and sex as you and tells us whether you sit within the normal limits of that group.

Automated perimetry (visual fields) is done if the OCT is abnormal or you are of higher risk due to other factors.

Glaucoma is a complex disease and it shows progression over time, therefore these exams need to be repeated more often, at least annually. Bernie Lanigan Optometrist works alongside local ophthalmologists when needed.

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